Yandex.Shell is a ready-to-use user interface with rich customisation opportunities.

Yandex.Shell is an intuitive 3D interface for Android™-based* smartphones and tablets, offered for free to original equipment manufacturers for a smart and easy transformation of any Android device into a fully customised state-of-the-art product.

Yandex.Shell is a successor to SPB Shell — the top-selling mobile interface application, which kept its leading sales position from 2007 to 2012.

*Android is trademark of Google, Inc.

Yandex.Shell is an intuitive interface that allows to enhance user experience on Android devices. Innovative technologies implemented in Yandex.Shell streamline the traditional Android UI.

3D Home Screen

Yandex.Shell transforms the home screen into a 3D space. It offers a more natural user experience and makes it easier to add custom 3D features to the home screen.

3D Panel framework

The animated 3D panel framework makes it easy to build a 3D environment for widgets and panels. it amplifies the device’s features, boosts the user’s service awareness and is also fun to use.

Dialer and Address Book

The new Yandex.Shell dialer combines the latest trends in organising address books with innovative usability approach to offer the best-in-class experience for the most important scenario on the phone — making calls.

Push Panels

The Push Panels feature allows service providers and mobile carriers to move information or function to the center of personal navigation in a non-intrusive manner. Mobile carriers or service providers can also add fully customised home screen panels remotely.

Yandex.Shell is powered by a UI Engine. Customisation levels range from changing skins using the Yandex.Shell UI Builder to completely rebuilding the UI.

UI Engine

The Yandex.Shell User Interface Engine houses the interaction, feedback and physics engine that ensures a stunning 3D UI performance. The Yandex.Shell UI Engine is a pluggable, modular 3D platform, optimised for quick building of the next generation, high-performance mobile user interfaces.

The UX components it encompasses are based on patent-pending usability concepts, which are a direct result of our comprehensive usability studies. The Yandex.Shell UI Engine-powered solutions have been shipped by more than 15 leading device manufactures including Huawei, ViewSonic, Sony Ericsson and Fujitsu.

Stunning Visual Experience

The Yandex.Shell UI Engine, embracing industry standards such as OpenGL ES, makes the most of the device’s capabilities. Customers can utilise all power of their device without any 3D programming expertise.

Full 3D Interface

The Yandex.Shell UI Engine is written completely in the native C++ code to take advantage of every CPU/GPU tick.

Top-Notch Battery Life

The Yandex.Shell UI Engine is designed from ground up with the power consumption in mind.

UI Builder

The Yandex.Shell User Interface Builder is a powerful toolset for an easy and quick customisation of the Yandex.Shell user interface, including skins, layout, widgets and 3D. The Yandex.Shell UI Builder gives customers an unprecedented degree of control.

Brand the UI on your device in just a few clicks without any software programming skills by simply importing new design elements directly into the interface.


  • Customisation opportunities for 2D graphics, 3D models and animation, widgets, panel layout and the dialer
  • Customised .apk installation package
  • Default layout configuration
  • Over-the-air push synchronisation for sending skins to the device
  • Push Panel technology
Yandex.Shell UI is available for free. To launch Yandex.Shell UI
on your device please write at

About Yandex

Yandex is one of Europe’s largest internet companies and the leading search provider in Russia with over 60% of the local search market and a monthly user audience of over 81 million. The company also offers localised web services in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Turkey.

The range of Yandex’s products extends well beyond search to include news, email, comparative shopping, online payments, location-based advertising and many others. Yandex’s services are universally available — from desktops, tablets and mobile phones, to in-vehicle search & navigation and other digital devices. More about Yandex at

Yandex for mobile

With a multiplatform approach to its services, Yandex delivers function-rich applications to mobile users.

For developers, device manufacturers and mobile operators, Yandex offers a range of customisable mobile solutions and distribution opportunities, including an award winning UI Shell 3D, and an app store for Android, Yandex.Store.

Yandex.Shell is part of Yandex’s alternative mobile ecosystem for Android, which also includes an app store, Yandex.Store.